Sentai Filmworks

You're Under Arrest: Fast & Furious Collection 2

Language: Japanese with English Subtitles

$ 27.99 $ 39.98

High Octane, Turbo-Charged, And Chock Full of … Estrogen? The girls in blue are back, and if you’re a bad guy the safest place to be is in a nice warm cell! Autophile Miyuki and her overly endowed (muscularly, that is) partner in anti-crime Natsumi lead the charge as the Bokuto Police Station’s roster of lady (and lady-ish) officers take to the streets in an all out assault on Tokyo’s underworld AND the senses! Buckle your safety belts, hold onto the roll bars and keep an eye out for street toughs, handcuffs, panties and vigilantes as the wildest high-speed hi-jinks yet unfold in YOU’RE UNDER ARREST – FAST & FURIOUS Collection 2!

Runtime: 325 min.

Release Date: January 5, 2010

Extras: Clean Opening & Clean Closing Animation

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