AeSIR Holdings

Saiyuki Complete Collection

Language: English & Japanese with English Subtitles

$ 32.99 $ 49.98

Runtime: 1250 min.

Release Date: April 28, 2015

Extras: Clean Opening Animation; Clean Closing Animation

Once demonkind and man lived together in harmony. But when a band of rogue demonic forces seeks to resurrect a diabolical monster, a dark spiritual energy begins to cover the land. Now, it's up to a renegade priest, a monkey king, a lecherous water sprite and a sympathetic demon to stop the resurrection and return harmony to a dangerous land. Enter the world of Saiyuki! A unique universe of beauty and betrayal. Where sacred scrolls battle enchanted weaponry and where dragons can transform into jeeps. A land where four reluctant heroes are just as concerned about having a good time, a stiff drink, and a beautiful woman as they are about saving the world.

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