Sentai Filmworks

Koihime Musō Ultimate Collection

Language: Japanese with English Subtitles

$ 62.99 $ 89.98

Runtime: 975 min.

Release Date: August 28, 2012

Extras: Clean Opening Animation; Clean Closing Animation

You've heard of Mulan, you may have heard of Wu Zetian, but even before those legendary lady warriors, the soil of Ancient China had proved fertile ground for the cultivation of an elite force of ferociously female fighters! The saga begins as a girl named Aisha takes on the name Kan'u and sets forth on a journey that inspires others to shatter the shackles of their own tradition and take up the way of the sword. And once you and the girls have accomplished one heroic quest, how do you top it except by taking up another? And then another! (Some epochs it just seems like a woman's work is never done!) All three epic adventures in the spectacular Koihime Muso series, including the OVAs, are collected together at last as the ancient epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms takes on an unexpected new look and some very feminine curves in KOIHIME MUSO - THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION!

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