Hinako OVA Collection Blu-ray/DVD Front Cover
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Hinako OVA Collection Blu-ray/DVD Back Cover
  • Hinako OVA Collection

  • Maiden Japan

  • Language: Japanese with English Subtitles

  • Runtime: 105

  • Release Date: October 3, 2017

  • Extras: Clean Closing Animation (Sleeping with Hinako) x1

  • Rating: TV-14

  • You Pay: $ 19.99 Retail: $ 29.98
  • Product Description

  • Hinako used to be a normal human. Then she was magically changed into an anime character! Now, she mostly does things like play the heroine’s best friend, but, in between anime, she’s got a lot of time on her hands. One of the strange things about Hinako is that, unlike most anime characters, she’s completely aware that she’s being watched! That doesn’t bother her, though. She likes the fact that the viewers are out there, and she considers them her friends. If she’s doing something and thinks of something to say, she’ll just say it to the people she can’t see. Or CAN she see them? The fourth wall is shattered as the most self-aware anime character ever invites you to peek behind the screen and experience the intimate interactive life of Training, Bathing, and even Sleeping with HINAKO!




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