GARO TV2 Collection 2 Blu-ray Front Cover
GARO TV2 Collection 2 Blu-ray Disc Spread
GARO TV2 Collection 2 Blu-ray Back Cover
  • GARO TV2 Collection 2

  • Kraken Releasing

  • Language: Japanese with English Subtitles

  • Runtime (min.): 300

  • Release Date: October 9, 2018

  • Rating: TV-MA (L, S, V)

  • You Pay: $ 25.99 Retail: $ 39.98
  • Product Description

  • The battle against the Horrors has always been stacked against the Makai Knights, and as the Red Mask continues to decimate their ranks, the roster of Knights who can still fight is dwindling rapidly. When even Kouga’s Mado Ring, Zaruba, is incapacitated, the Golden Knight is increasingly forced to rely on his closest friends and allies to help stem the tide. Then, in a shocking series of betrayals and double-crosses, the identity of the Red Mask is revealed, along with a plan to not just kill the Makai Knights, but to use them for a horrifying purpose! With his own powers fading and the souls of his comrades at stake, Kouga must strike one last deadly bargain to save mankind… and he may not survive the encounter in GARO:  MAKAISENKI – COLLECTION 2!

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