Destiny of the Shrine Maiden Complete Collection
  • Destiny of the Shrine Maiden Complete Collection

  • Sentai Filmworks

  • Language: English, Japanese with English Subtitles

  • Runtime: 300 min.

  • Release Date: August 25, 2009

  • Extras: Clean Closing Animations, Destiny of the Shrine Maiden Japanese Promo, Art Gallery

  • Rating: TV-14 (D, V)

  • You Pay: $ 3.99 Retail: $ 39.98
  • Product Description

  • To the casual eye they seem as different as day and night: one reserved and commanding, the other withdrawn and shy. Yet Chikane and Himeko share more than just the same high school, for each is the reincarnation of a Miko, a Shinto Shrine Maiden, and they are joined by a secret love they keep hidden from the outside world. But with the reincarnation of their ancient enemy, the Orochi, their lives and that secret are torn asunder! As each of the legendary dragon’s eight heads is reincarnated in a human host, Chikane and Himeko’s fate as the Lunar and Solar Shrine Maidens is sealed. To save our world and mankind, they must endure the greatest test and endure the ultimate sacrifice; for as Night must oppose Day and Good must counter Evil, they are eternally fated to face each other across the final battlefield! Love and Hate become weapons as opposites collide in DESTINY OF THE SHRINE MAIDEN!

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