Sentai Filmworks

Brighter than the Dawning Blue Complete Collection

Language: Japanese with English Subtitles

$ 34.99 $ 49.98

It's never easy when a stranger moves into your house, but if you have to host a foreign exchange student, Feena Fam Earthlight* would be almost the perfect choice… She's smart, kind, generous and attractive, BUT the problem is that she's the Sphere Kingdom's Princess, and tensions between Earth and our Lunar neighbors have been tense since the big war. So you might forgive Asagiri Tatsuya for having some reservations, but since his father IS the first assistant to the president, what better place to board the Princess so she can learn more about Earth culture? And, as mentioned before, Feena is VERY attractive. Unfortunately, the course of true love doesn't normally have to contend with either interplanetary diplomacy or Feena's bizarre entourage of assistants… and then there's the question of how the kids at Tatsuy's school are going to react. Get ready to see stars as two teens from totally different worlds collide in Brighter Than the Dawning Blue - The Complete Collection!

Runtime: 300 min.

Release Date: June 1, 2010

Extras: Brighter Than the Dawning Blue Music Video. Clean Opening Animation; Clean Closing Animation

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