Sentai Filmworks

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Complete Collection (Sentai Selects)

Language: English, Japanese with English Subtitles

$ 27.99 $ 39.98

Runtime: 650 min.

Release Date: May 3, 2016

Extras: Snow Flower; Japanese Promo; Location Hunting; Snow Flower Version 2; Japanese TV Spots; Interview with the Creators; Clean Opening Animation; Clean Closing Animation

When young Saga offers a waffle to a small hungry creature in a fluffy outfit, she has no idea that the "creature" is Sugar, an apprentice fairy sent to Earth to find a "twinkle" as part of her test to become a full-fledged season fairy! Unfortunately, neither Sugar nor her two companion fairies, Salt and Pepper, have any idea what a "twinkle" is, but that doesn't stop them from moving in with the unusual girl who can somehow see them! And since none of Saga's friends can see fairies, they all think that Saga is acting really strange. As more and more season fairies keep arriving, Saga's bemusement turns into desperation. Can she find out what a twinkle is and help the fairies find one before she's drowning in fairy dust? The answers will surprise you in the hilariously sweet adventure LITTLE SNOW FAIRY SUGAR!

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