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  • Godannar Complete Collection

  • Sentai Filmworks

  • Language: English, Japanese with English Subtitles

  • Runtime (min.): 650

  • Release Date: June 4, 2019

  • Extras: Clean Opening Animation; Clean Closing Animations (x2); Recording the Songs (x2); Japanese Commercial Collection; Text to Video Extras: Production Sketches; Swimsuit Gallery; Character Profiles; Mechanical Profiles; Godannar Key Words & Case Files; Moriloto & Hayashi Special Report; The Seven Mysteries!

  • Rating: TV-MA (S, V)

  • You Pay: $ 58.99 Retail: $ 89.98
  • Product Description

  • Five years ago, Goh, the pilot of the giant robot Dannar, rescued Anna Aoi as the monstrous Mimetic Beasts attempted to wipe human life from the planet.  Now the Beasts are back, but Goh's not going back into battle alone.  Not only does his new bride-to-be Anna have a mech of her own, but their "his and her" giant robots are designed to mate together to form the ultimate in alien-smashing technology, the mighty Godannar!  Unfortunately, while they may have the perfect partnership on the battlefield, things aren't running so smoothly on the home front and when "the other woman" from Goh's past suddenly returns, the rifts that are opened may be wide enough to put the entire defense of mankind in jeopardy!  Can an international supporting cast of the wildest giant robot pilots ever hold the line until Goh and Anna can come together in the cockpit, join interlocking parts and create the perfect marriage of man, woman and machine?  It's time to love, honor and kick serious monster ass as family ties go nuclear in the HD Release of GODANNAR!

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